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The One World Known information regarding The newly discovered lands to the south. Locations within shall be detailed here.

The One World is a large island chain. The Island chain is known as Rosi Yuela. Named for the famed Blue Lady who rules the lands. The people are known as The Olman People. The capitol city on the east side is known as Chantico. It is the largest in the island chain. The chain continues southward and is vast in size some 6-8 hundred miles in length and over 2 hundred miles wide. Curving to the southwest. The next island is called Tonan or Tzin depending which lord you serve. Years of civil war have plagued these islands. Before you can cross the waters you must pass through the Island of Chalchihui. The Capitol city of Chantico and the holiest place. There Chantico’s temple lies where the One World began its roots. Once thru these lands and traveling even further south more land continuing southwest many islands. Passing Tzin and across another bay is the Island of Xicalanca, the second largest land mass and the known home of the Blue Lady herself. Honored for their magic and tribal ways. Skinwalkers rule these lands. The Blue Lady nothing more than a Godess. Two large horseshoe shaped island chains that hold many secrets buried deep. Many unknown places with only names. Some are Pela Xile, Hue Hue Teotl, Tetao, Zilopochtli, and Xochiquetzai. It is unknown the exact populations of the islands. Or what mysteries lie within them. Many tribes litter the lands. Farmers, Fishermen. The women are treated in high regard. Tho never seen in public. The Snake Woman who sits beside the Ruler of the One World. Has an Island named in honor of her. Given no name if he than the lands of the Snake Godess. Oddly shaped on one end like the head of a snake prepared to strike, with a body that curves around and has a stinger like point like that of a scorpion. When the Sun God commands it many flock to the island to hold celebrations. Great arts from across the lands and blood is given to honor the Snake Woman.

Chantico -Capitol Population 35420 Ruler – The Revered Speaker AKA- Land of the Fisherman Weather-Hot Jungle Climate Production – Cacoa Beans, Quartz, Stone, Plaster, Slaves & Traders of Leather and Dyes

Economy & Money Cacoa Beans -CB Gold Dust Chutes -G Quartz Pieces -Q Obsidian -O

50 CB = 1 G 50 G = 1 Q 100 Q = 1 O

Known Goods Tortoise Shells Jade Leather Amber Feathers Dyes

Jobs Stone Mason Quarrier Plasterer Jewler House Slave Trader Soldier Artist Fisherman Scribe Born for Sacrafice

Other Known Races Yaki Rarumun The Strangers The Cloud People

Known Rulers Blood Glutton Red Heron Snake Woman The Revered Speaker

Gods and Patheons Blue Lady LG Granted Power-Touch of Good. Her symbol is a silver cross gleaming across a white field. Favored Weapon-Heavy Mace

Chantico Volcano Godess CG Granted Power-Hasten the End. Her symbol bears a great erupting volcano with a pflume of billowing black smoke. Favored Weapon-Fire

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