Arken Moonlight Syndicate

Stop and think

Together the group. Phoenix, Nemo, Rajin, Xaden, Lanius, Alana, Titanus, Phoenix’s mount Goreflame, Rajins Poltergeist and Balljacks made their way to the top of the temple. There Tol’tuchuk, and his mighty Dragon companion Hillary Clinton, and Brag Goroth stood in the Temple Hall. The roof had been blown out and the Moon shine down on them. The Battle for all of Arken was about to begin.

Fade to black…..

Phoenix awakens…Looks around the room. That was a bad one huh, came a voice from the other room. Phoenix looks towards you..and smiles. Nemo steps out and returns to her throne in Tortan. She peers out her window and upon her lands with a note in her hand. Must be news. She looks east towards Nekra where Rajin and Xaden were overseeing the syndicate Temple being rebuilt. Rajin is to be Nekra’s King, The Moonlight Syndicate has made a new home in Esteperon. Here are its ten members: Rajin-Future King of Nekra. Phoenix- Westpoint ’s Army Sgt. Major. Nemo- First Queen of Tortan. Xaden, King of Golem City. Eldrich, the right hand of King Xaden. Balljacks, The Rogue King, West point. Dull Hammerfist. Ghorbash, Galan, and Trajan. Goodnight.



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