Arken Moonlight Syndicate


It was in Nekra that the Moonlight Syndicate had begun. Only in Nekra could Brag Goroth become complete again. His remains festered deep inside its innards until he rose whole again. The group had found remains of the sacrament. They entered carefully fighting off many goblins on their way up the massive structure. When they made it to the top where the structures of the original Moonlight Syndicate had been stood, all of them were glowing with a magical aura. When Phoenix touched the statue of Lanius it came to life. The moonlight syndicate has discovered a magical power to bring them back. Their souls wandered the halls of the temple for a thousand years. Now they would rise once again to fight beside the new Moonlight Syndicate. Lanius drew his sword and stood emotionless ready to follow the orders given by Phoenix. They traversed further and found Nemo’s Great Grandmother Alana Greysky. She also rose with her Moonwolf Companion and was ready to fight. Titanus Stormaxe was the third.



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