Arken Moonlight Syndicate


into the Thrikreen tunnels the Moonlight Syndicate must go. Those that remain are, Phoenix, Nemo, Rajin, Xaden and Balljacks. When they arrived the second time they were more prepared. The Thrikreen fought them vigorously but it wasn’t enough and the Syndicate was able to clear the Dunes. After researching how far they dug they discovered they dug so deep. Finging an ancient highway built by the dwarves. So deep….so long. It ran from the Thornton Caves to the Elder Dunes. Which both traveled to Nekra. The Strange man seen snatching the Brag Goroth remains was successful in resurrecting him. When confronted about where Brag had gone. He only muttered one word when the Syndicate put him to death…home. The Syndicate then traveled to Nekra. It had been overrun with goblins.



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