Arken Moonlight Syndicate

Burvurstuur Dig

In Esteperon there is a young man, his name is Cryu. Always getting picked on by people of Dragoons and Knights call him unworthy and laugh at him. He has always wanted to be a shining light of hope foe Esteperon, but no one would give him the chance. Now that a new king ruled he wasnt going to miss his chance to prove himself. He watched from his house, heroes leaving Esteperon and wasnt going to be stopped anymore. He packed some gear, took his dead fathers sword that hung above the fireplace, grabbed some bread and tracked down the heroes. Crossing the land by foot would not be easy, especially alone. But he ran once he discerned their direction. Arriving in Golem City a half a day behind the group as he approached the highest part of the city where a witch was searching through empty market carts. He screamed. Goblins! The witch turned but it was too late, Eldrich was surrounded. They attacked from all sides and Cryu ran to assist Eldrich. The goblins were down fast and the rest of the group heard the commotion and ran to aid them. Once they got there they had found and met Cryu and decided it couldnt hurt to let him join them at this point. So one by one they dropped down into the hole where Nemo had fell. The shaking was increased down here. Traversing the narrow mine they made their way in. Noticing claw marks of freshly dug tunnell yet no evidence of the stone dug out was laying anywhere. Onward they went killing some large rats on their way. Around the next corner a long corridor where a chest was strangely sitting in the center of the path. Once opened it set off a trap collapsing the cave in their way. The party dug their way through and sent the doughy cat to investigate. He said a man was in the next room with a redied weapon. Once the man heard that Thornside had sent them he welcomed them in. Apparently he had his down in the shaft when the goblins attacked the city and could not get back out. So he created food to eat to survive. Then he had an idea He would construct a Shield Golem to assist him. When the Golem was completed he thought it would be a good idea to give the golem the amulet he used to control golems. Bad idea. The golem went mad. Named himself Burvurstuur and taking points in intelligence. But since the only word he knew was dig. Dig is what he did. Burvurstuur dug deep and Falcon Rey could not atop him so he trapped the golem in the room he was in by summoning three elementals to guard from anyone getting in. Others had come through the tunnels…adventurers and such seeking the treasures the mine no longer had, but were never heard from again. The elementals did their job well. Then ecil spirits came. Beings from the underworld and when they could not get through they left a trap of their own. Four stone gargoyles. Each with one solid gold tooth to entice travelers to touch them. Which brought them to life. After the encounter this struck fear into Eldrich and Nemo and they retreated from the mines. After solving a riddle a fire elemental made his prescence known. This struck fear into Cryu and he retreated as well. Leaving Phoenix, Rajin and the Halftroll to finish this cave. The next room held another riddle and water was the answer. So a water elemental came forth creating a vortex in the room nearly drowning Rajin. But the troll had the answer and placed water in a small bowl which opened the door to the next room. Air was next and they fought their way through, and finally making it to the final chamber. The shaking was intense and there digging as reliable as ever was Burvurstuur. Paying no attention to the group he dug and dug. The heroes could feel a strange warmth coming from the wall in front of Burvurstuur and figured he was digging towarda plasmic death for all of them. He must be stopped. Phoenix fire blasted him a couple times which created no affect. So then he used an explosive blast which got the attention of Burvurstuur and he stopped and turned. Phoenix could see the amulet gleaming around his neck and he was determined to take it from Burvurstuur rather than kill him. Burvurstuur stepped forward only focused on Phoenix. Rajin and The halftroll flanked him and passed through creating an attack of opportunity for Phoenix so he made his move. Climbing Burvurstuur and declasping the amulet. Then phoenix put on the Amulet and Burvurstuur said. Master….The digging stopped and the three heroes breathed a sigh of relief. Now to escape this cave and get back to Esteperon



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