Arken Moonlight Syndicate

And go!

For a year, The Moonlight Syndicate worked with the city of West point. They planned many missions from there while Esteperon was being rebuilt. From there they could operate. The discovery of the Thrikreen was more of a threat than they could have ever imagined. As powerful as Burvurstuur was, even he would melt away from the deadly acids they spew. Their leader a thing, called Skinwalker. Deadly. The plan was to use the carasses as a disquise and sneak in. Nemo and Phoenix designed a two man suit for themselves. Rajin had a suit, and Xaden as well. The witch had planned a personal goal and would not be joining them. He has gone on a mission to find a way to make his doughy familiar as deadly as him. After getting angry and using a darker magic he isn’t used to tapping into, he decided that he could do more by finding self first. He is off for training to learn about his powers. A Syndicate member he will remain. And his cooking has improved, his travels take him near Esteperon



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