Arken Moonlight Syndicate

Stop and think

Together the group. Phoenix, Nemo, Rajin, Xaden, Lanius, Alana, Titanus, Phoenix’s mount Goreflame, Rajins Poltergeist and Balljacks made their way to the top of the temple. There Tol’tuchuk, and his mighty Dragon companion Hillary Clinton, and Brag Goroth stood in the Temple Hall. The roof had been blown out and the Moon shine down on them. The Battle for all of Arken was about to begin.

Fade to black…..

Phoenix awakens…Looks around the room. That was a bad one huh, came a voice from the other room. Phoenix looks towards you..and smiles. Nemo steps out and returns to her throne in Tortan. She peers out her window and upon her lands with a note in her hand. Must be news. She looks east towards Nekra where Rajin and Xaden were overseeing the syndicate Temple being rebuilt. Rajin is to be Nekra’s King, The Moonlight Syndicate has made a new home in Esteperon. Here are its ten members: Rajin-Future King of Nekra. Phoenix- Westpoint ’s Army Sgt. Major. Nemo- First Queen of Tortan. Xaden, King of Golem City. Eldrich, the right hand of King Xaden. Balljacks, The Rogue King, West point. Dull Hammerfist. Ghorbash, Galan, and Trajan. Goodnight.


into the Thrikreen tunnels the Moonlight Syndicate must go. Those that remain are, Phoenix, Nemo, Rajin, Xaden and Balljacks. When they arrived the second time they were more prepared. The Thrikreen fought them vigorously but it wasn’t enough and the Syndicate was able to clear the Dunes. After researching how far they dug they discovered they dug so deep. Finging an ancient highway built by the dwarves. So deep….so long. It ran from the Thornton Caves to the Elder Dunes. Which both traveled to Nekra. The Strange man seen snatching the Brag Goroth remains was successful in resurrecting him. When confronted about where Brag had gone. He only muttered one word when the Syndicate put him to death…home. The Syndicate then traveled to Nekra. It had been overrun with goblins.


It was in Nekra that the Moonlight Syndicate had begun. Only in Nekra could Brag Goroth become complete again. His remains festered deep inside its innards until he rose whole again. The group had found remains of the sacrament. They entered carefully fighting off many goblins on their way up the massive structure. When they made it to the top where the structures of the original Moonlight Syndicate had been stood, all of them were glowing with a magical aura. When Phoenix touched the statue of Lanius it came to life. The moonlight syndicate has discovered a magical power to bring them back. Their souls wandered the halls of the temple for a thousand years. Now they would rise once again to fight beside the new Moonlight Syndicate. Lanius drew his sword and stood emotionless ready to follow the orders given by Phoenix. They traversed further and found Nemo’s Great Grandmother Alana Greysky. She also rose with her Moonwolf Companion and was ready to fight. Titanus Stormaxe was the third.

And go!

For a year, The Moonlight Syndicate worked with the city of West point. They planned many missions from there while Esteperon was being rebuilt. From there they could operate. The discovery of the Thrikreen was more of a threat than they could have ever imagined. As powerful as Burvurstuur was, even he would melt away from the deadly acids they spew. Their leader a thing, called Skinwalker. Deadly. The plan was to use the carasses as a disquise and sneak in. Nemo and Phoenix designed a two man suit for themselves. Rajin had a suit, and Xaden as well. The witch had planned a personal goal and would not be joining them. He has gone on a mission to find a way to make his doughy familiar as deadly as him. After getting angry and using a darker magic he isn’t used to tapping into, he decided that he could do more by finding self first. He is off for training to learn about his powers. A Syndicate member he will remain. And his cooking has improved, his travels take him near Esteperon

Were gaming tonight

I don’t have a phone but am at the keep and ready for gamenight

The Witch is Pissed

Shopping in the marketplace just before stage two of the trials, stood Eldrich. Gathering useful items, preparing for his next step of the trials. He heard the calling of the beasts on the bridge, but it had no effects like the others…yet. Eldrich and his cat proceeded across nearly making it across when the screeches grew louder and Eldrich stopped, throwing his hands into the air and simply saying…take me. His cat freaked out and slapped him in the face a few times to wake him from his trance just before a large harpie swooped down. Eldrich very afraid ran in fright trying to just get across and his cat fell to the ground. The schreeches continued and the cat was now locked into a trance. The cat stopped, and Eldritch could only watch in fright as his doughy companion was snatched by a harpie and taken into the misty murkyness of the bridge. Eldrich wept for a moment then slid into the drink. When arriving at the Ten King Island Eldrich was knighted and given the opportunity to challenge for a seat in the Moonlight Syndicate. He thought for a moment that he might just fo be a cook for the King of Esteperon, but the idea quickly left him and Kyra stepped forward accepting Eldrichs challenge. Kyra made quick work of the weak witch, and stopped her attack asking him what he thought made him worthy of being a member of the Syndicate. He stated he was a cook and a healer, that no adventurer on the road should fo hungry. Kyra gave him a smurk and said…show me. So Eldrich went to work at a nearby desk, pulling out a bottle of holy water and adding some ingredients from his pouch and shaking it up. He handed the bottle to Kyra who took a sip. Hmmm, she said…cure moderate, very nice. And handed him his silver badge with the moon gleaming in a lunar eclipse, before sitting down and enjoying the rest of her refreshing drink. Rajin, Phoenix, and Nemo continue their way through the crumbled temple of Nekra. Eldrich joins them through a dimentional door and they make their way deeper entering several more rooms and seeing several more statues telling stories of old about the original Moonlight Syndicate members. They finally come to a room where Phoenix hears digging and heavy breathing. Its dark inside, Rajin sneaks in and sees a figure cloaked, digging. Rajin announces himself and asks what the man is doing here. The figure stops digging slings a bag over his shoulder and replies strangely with one word Rajin did not understand. Suddenly a giant claw reaches in from the ceiling where a hole was dug down grabbing the man in its clutches and pulling him out of the hole. The hand had large claws and was black and reptilian. Eldrich ran over and looked up into the hole and was nearly blasted by the beasts acidic breath weapon, then they felt the forceful sounds of it taking off and flying away in the distance. They looked at eachother stunned, then realizing they should have came here first, for them they would be in possession of the remains they were looking for. But once again their skin began to have that itchy feeling and they were again unable to identify who the creature was, only putting the pieces together that this must have been the one who assassinated Falcon Rey in the Esteperon arena. They left Nekra and made their way back to Westpoint. They encountered two of the buglike creatures tracking them north of the elder dunes. Thats when they came to find that the witch was more than a mere cook. The creatures carried with them bottled acidic oozes that attacked by grappling and constricting. After taking heavy damage from the creatures Eldrich shot a fireball killing them both. This shocked the party, they had never seen Eldrich in this state. Apparently he must have been very upset about the loss of his cat a few days before. The group proceeded on, learning more valuable info about the creatures and obtaining two more carcasses to take back to Westpoint. When they reached the Pass of the Rogue King they came across a broke down Wiggit wagon. The same one a few days ago they had sent the two hirelings back to Westpoint in with the remains of the buglike creature. They repaired the wagon, loaded rhe two other carcasses in, and proceeded to Westpoint. Once they arrived Cerberrus was very excited to see the remains. He paid the Syndicate very well and revealed to them he wished to make suits out of the bug remains and scare his citizens with them in the marketplace at night as a prank. Phoenix thought this might be fun and offered to assist the King. He agreed and in a few days they would have drinks and make it a fun evening.

A threat in the sands

Xaden wakes up, his body still in pain from his traumatic experience in the maze. He looks around the room and does not recognize where he is. A long white haired man approaches him. Tells him calmly that he is alright. He explains to Xaden what has happened to him. He explains that he was not able to fully remove the effects from the vampire attack. Xaden rises from his bed, grabs his gear and asks the man where his party has gone. Before the cleric can answer Xaden hears a strange screaming noise that compells him to leave the clerical houses and head straight for the bridge. Like a trance Xaden walks right out onto the bridge. He moves across stealthily and slow and is able to make it across without encountering the harpies that attacked the others the day before. He comes to the drink and slides down, falling out where Ten King Island is located. Phoenix, Nemo, Rajin and the other members await him there and he is knighted in the name of Esteperon. Then his challenge is offered. He chooses the toughest of the three, Balljacks. With just a couple of strong blows with his sword balljacks falls to the ground tasting the blood on his lip. Xaden helps him up and Balljacks reaches into his pocket handing Xaden a silver medallion with a moon under a lunar eclipse. The symbol of The Moonlight Syndicate. Xaden takes his place next to Nemo. Messengers flock the hall and Phoenix and Rajin are handed letters. Phoenix’s letter is from the steward of Westpoint. Informing him that there is an issue that the king would like to discuss and wants the Syndicate to come to Westpoint as soon as possible. Rajin does not reveal the details of his letter. He just informs the group he must go to Nekra on a personal errand. The Syndicate votes and decides to go to Westpoint first. When they arrive the king is eager to speak with the group hearing that the syndicate has been reforged. He is a flamboyant one named Cerrubus. He orders two witnesses into the room and tells them to explain to this group what they saw. The witnesses, a man and his wife, said they were treasure hunting in the Tuaca desert with a caravan when they were attacked by strange buglike creatures that came from underground, they grabbed many and drug them down, the wife sobbing. The two quickly fled, stating that this happened near the elder dunes and made their way to Westpoint to report their findings. The king comes back into the hall after his brief encounter with two naked ladies asking if they got the information they needed. He instructed the syndicate to hunt down and bring him a specimen. Giving them 100 gold for supplies and hastily moving them towards their goal. The syndicate wasted little time planning their trip and were on their way the following morning. It took them four days to reach the elder dunes. They were being a little to loud and suddenly a giant centepede bursts from a large bush striking Xaden. That got the attention of some foul beasts from the underground and they poured out of the dunes. They watched as the group killed the centepede. Then one announced. Leave this place. Leave us to our work. Never stated Xaden, what have you done with the treasure hunters. The man was mounted on a large insect with four arms and claws over a foot long. Himself only wearing a loincloth speaks. The same thing im going to do to you, then he begins chanting. The syndicate attacks surrounding the nearest bug. They spit a foul acidic venom that explodes on impact dealing great damage. Rajin falls from excessive damage and a storm cloud begins to develop overhead. Lightining at its core. Phoenix and his knowledge of the arcane arts gets a grim look on his face and informs the syndicate to retreat. Thats when Xaden yells run! The group turns and flees quickly the mini horse grabs the body of the insect. Xaden makes sure all others have fled then grabs Rajins lifeless body and flees himself giving an angry look at the…thing mounted on the giant insect. They revive Rajin and he reveals to them he must go to Nekra with haste. The hired help are informed to take the remains of the insect to the king in Westpoint and the four others make their way to Nekra. Once they arrive they see that the stories are true. Nothing remains and there buried under the rubble is the ancient temple of Nekra. They make their way down the debris filled area and are able to locate a large stone entrance. They go in. Inside they find empty rooms. In each of the rooms as they make their way are ancient statues of the original moonlight syndicate with a small inscription for each one telling their name and what they were most known for during their time in the syndicate. Three or four rooms in they come to a fountain. Glowing gold and very refreshing to the party. They drink and nemo tosses a goldpiece into the fountain. There inscribed on the fountain were lettered runes representing the first initial of all ten original members of the syndicate of old. Many letters are there but Rajin looks intently, looking for a D. He finds no D and this puzzles him for Rajin is the descendant of an original member but his only memory was that his fathers name started with a D. He is very puzzled, so they make their way to the next room. Not before Rajin hears his name called. Who are you Rajin asked. The voice came from the fountain. It replied..Its your father. My father is dead said Rajin. No said the voice I am alive, your here searching for my remains. We search for Brag Goroths remains says Rajin. The voice says yes…..I am your father. Rajin falls to his knees and puts his hands over his face….and weeps.

The Moonlight Syndicate is Forged

Overcoming the fear of a dark hole in the side of a mountain was something they weren’t sure they could overcome but Rajan had no choice his family heritage was that of the Moonlight Syndicate of old and he jumped in, Nemo went in behind him and Phoenix followed. They slid like a water slide through the drink turning this way and that nearly coming off the slide at moments as the force of the turns was very great but then it threw them out into a great open Chasm and they fell and fell into a lake when they surfaced they noticed a great temple in front of them and made their way to the stairs. There Kyra and Myrasil awaited them. They knighted The three heroes and offered them a challenge. A seat amongst the Moonlight Syndicates highest members. They all accepted the challenge and won. Nemo defeated Myrasil and Phoenix defeated Balljacks. Rajin was given a pass by Kyra as he was a direct descendant of a Moonlight Syndicate member. They took there places amongst the most powerful order to ever exist in the land, and awaited their friends who were still fighting there way through.

Overcome your fears

The group made their way to the medical houses after the first stage of the trials they’re the cleric took away the diseases that the troll and Rajan had been inflicted with but when they came to Nemo he took her to a private room to speak with her. He informed her that this was no mere disease that even though she was bit in the maze it only sparked 4th her family heritage. She did not know too much about her father only that he was ambushed the cleric filled her in about the story of her uncle setting up the Ambush because he did not have the family gift than all the others in the Moon Clan had. He was very jealous and slaughtered Nemo’s father. She was pleased to hear news of her father for she was very young when she was thrown into the prison and he was killed it brought a tear to her eye to hear wise words spoken by a great cleric about her father but finding out that he wants cheated at a basketball game made her laugh for she knew what powers he had in order to win she though was not looking forward to the change that was coming but they cleric informed her that she would be able to control it eventually and that it would become a powerful gift. So he would still have to speak with the King about her condition and see if she would be a wise member of the Moonlight Syndicate or if she would be banished entirely but in the meantime the cleric allowed her to continue that’s when she heard a frail scream it was her from her bed and she was unable to stop her list to search for it a list that led her to the bridge it was only then that she snapped out of her trance and they were ready to make their way across the bridge that led into the Mist across a great Chasm. She will go first stealthily moving across the bridge behind her would-be Rajan who was raised from his injuries and in the back Phoenix would make his way across the bridge the troll remained in the medical houses for he was too injured to make it Forward at the moment he would wait for the witch and two other members that were making their way through stage 1. Nemo continued slowly the screams she could hear but they no longer affected her Rajan ducked looking this way and that in fear of what was out there. Then suddenly Phoenix had a nightmare and walked straight off the bridge falling 80 feet nearly to his death. Nemo and Rajan did not notice that Phoenix had walked off the bridge for the Mist was thick at that very moment 2 large harpies came out of the Mist and swept down to the bridge the attack began Nemo was faced off against one and Rajan was also one on one with the great Beast they screamed loudly and attacked hacking at each other Nemo and Rajan put up a good fight but at the last effort of the harpies they attempted to grab and they could not successfully do it and were killed and fell into the chasm. The three then made their way across the bridge to the drink

The Trials of Arken

The heroes agreed reforging the Moonlight syndicate was the best solution for everyone to Live Safe in the land. They packed their gear and immediately made their way to the city of West point. They took the Teloria Trail. On their way they ran into another trapping party this time much smaller they made quick work of them and continued on to the city but not before going through the wagon obtaining many Goods for them to use. What’s in West Point the curator of the trials set them immediately to motion that evening. 4 of them would go in first. It was Nemo, Phoenix, and Rajan that would go in and start the trials the first stage was a great maze filled with many monsters they stepped in fearing they may never see light again for the maze was very dark inside. All three were to enter from a different entrance on the map they were on their own individually. Rajan went first. He was not being careful enough and set off a trap a large troll had set. The Troll attacked. Phoenix entered the maze and immediately came across strange dog prints in the mud and he snuck up around the corner to see a hellhound in front of him he tossed the remains of the cooked Goblin towards the hellhound who began to eat it then looked up at Phoenix who had charged him he successfully grappled the hellhound and handling him well and mounting him the hellhound kicked and screamed and blue fire but was no match for Phoenix who tamed him and made him his mount. Nemo had entered another area of the maze and she picked up a strange smell, werewolf it rushed her from the bushes and attacked she was able to defend herself nearly killing the werewolf but it was able to bite her and she was very discouraged and Afraid at this moment but continued on hoping that someone could help her then she saw Flames coming from her left it was Phoenix riding a hellhound they looked at each other and smiled for they were both still alive it was at that moment that they heard Rajan screaming from another part of the maze and they ran in that direction. It was at that moment that 2 more Heroes would enter the maze the witch and the troll. Phoenix and Nemo ran frantically through the maze searching for Rajon they found him about to be eaten by a large troll they jumped into action but not before the troll removed the liver of Rajan and was eating it. They attacked the troll doing great damage to him and he fell over onto Rajan then suddenly Nemo began to feel funny she changed into a werewolf an approach to Phoenix for he was the only one that seemed alive at the moment. The werewolf came at Phoenix stepping slowly Phoenix cleaning with the werewolf not to kill him before he was your friend then the werewolf let out a great howl and ran off into the darkness of the maze. The witch and the troll looked around in fear when suddenly the troll Heard a Voice saying you should not have ever came this direction and standing in front of him was a dread vampire. He casted dominate on the troll and told him not to move then approach them slowly he had his way with the troll however he wanted so he slowly caress the face of him then biting his neck the troll could feel the sting but he was paralyzed under the domination of the vampire the vampire tested another strange spell the troll was not familiar with and then disappeared into the darkness. The witch enter the Maze and was very scared her cat was also very scared but it picked up a strange scent down one of the Rose and in a pit they’re laid Nemo with her clothes tattered and torn they jumped down and helped her out for she was unconscious. The witch question her but she had no answers she was willing to give so they decided to just move on and get through the maze they took a few steps and ran straight into a pair of large gargoyles and the battle began. Rajan and Phoenix had been searching around for the way out but they were not successful they heard the screams of their counterparts in other parts of the maze and went to help then it grew very dark so dark that no one could see other than those who had the blind fight ability and that was only while they were being attacked a couple could sense evil which helped them out because evil was everywhere. The vampire crept slowly creeping through his Darkness he was the only one that could see clearly rosin came walking up in front of him and could not see the vampire and was bit but only feeling a small pinch and still not seeing anything he continued on. Phoenix decided to wait it out for he had knowledge of what types of beings could create this much Darkness and decided it was not worth Goin In until he heard the screams of Nemo he could not stop himself from rescuing her so into the darkness he ran. Rajin collapsed from his injuries and phoenix running in mounted on Goreflame nearly pummeled him. Goreflame wept and phoenix knew this was something to investigate He could hear the sounds of battle but had to see what was here. He found the Troll and Rajin both collapsed near eachother. Nemo and the witch were fighting off the gargoyles and finally did so. Then the darkness went away. The loaded Xaden and Rajin onto Xadens horse and made their way towards the exit. Yet there standing in front of the group as they turned the corner was a giant cerburus. They sighed with fright. Yet phoenix noticed a foot out of place under the cerburus and blasted flame at it. Then it dissappeared. And a white haired cleric stood there. He had created the cerburus as an illusion. All the group had to do was overcome their fear of the beast to pass the first round of the trials.


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