Welcome traveler’s, to the land of Arken. Once a land worth telling tale of, now just a corrupt world filled with bad men, and their evil ways. Lord Brag Goroth rules these lands. Ignore those who claim to be leaders of this land, they are fools. All in this world bow to the one true Lord of Lords, Brag Goroth, on his mighty steed he claimed the lands with his wrath. His powerful magic, matched by none. It is written that Brag Goroth murdered the original members of the Moonlight Syndicate, and took control over Arken over 1000 years ago. He then ruled the lands and corrupted it’s leaders.The first order he made was to breed an army.Given charge of this was Cernan a powerful sorcerer and alchemist. This was no meer army of peasant humans, no, this army was mighty, lead by fear and torture. When humans could not provide the numbers for his experiments, he turned to the beasts of Arken to feed his lust for power. In doing so he created a foul race of beasts. They are known as The Wiggit. Standing tall and broad. Most were bred from mixing man with boar. Then the evil Brag Goroth started adding magic. It is unknown to most what, or where they are. Any who have encountered them did not live to tell the tale, and most likely, became some sort of horrible experiment themselves. Tread lightly when wondering the lands, for Wiggit are always watching. They are always patrolling the lands with their trapping parties. Capturing anything they can for Cernan’s experimentation. They control a city to the North, in a place formerly known as Dogshire, now called Wiggiton. Brag Goroth lead for centuries leaving chaos in his wake, he has hushed all good. The Syndicate of old all but a myth. Thousands of years passed and finally the people of Arken had enough of Brag Goroths reign. Marcus, King of Arken City ordered the unleashing of another great power to stop Brag Goroth. So deep into his castle Marcus went. There he opened a small chest. Some citizens tell tale of the chaos that came after, but evidence of this battle has been destroyed, along with Nekra City, said to be crumbled, and at its bottom lies Brag Goroths remains. Now Brag Goroth is considered a God and remains the only one worthy to hold such power. The untimely death of Marcus was a loss Arken City may never recover from. The Magistrate took over temporary power there, and has renamed the city, Esteperon. If there is any good to be found, it would certainly be in Esteperon. The largest city in Arken. Once great, now its gleaming prowess has dulled to a dark haze. Most of the citizens are afraid to leave its gates in fear that they wont return. A leaderless land, it is only a matter of time before the Wiggit claim what last of good remains. If you were to visit Esteperon, It is renound for its solid granite structures. And just inside its gates a great Market. Dragoon’s is where you go if you are in need of just about anything. It’s fame is as known as its corruption. Careful where you lurk there. Many are not right. And a nightstalker can be dangerous. If you are there, be sure to visit the arena. It’s games are known across the land. Many traders fight slaves. It is a very profitable institution for most who choose to gamble. Since the King’s death only an empty castle remains. Storage for religious artifacts from generations past. Across the bay, and into the heart of the city. Its carved into the side of a great mountain. Deep are its corridors. This city is also known as “The White Hill”. It leads upwards the further you go into the city. This is where the protectors of Arken City live. The Arkenian Knights, 3000 strong. Guard all the peoples of the great city. Outside it gates, corruption, death, famine. To the Northeast another small villiage of peasants can be found. Rejects of the White Hill. Many are the merchants that operate Dragoon’s Market. When you arrive, find your way to Grinding Pints, a pub located just as you enter Dragoon’s. There you will find beds for rest, and drinks, till the dawn come. A great celebration of life has been ordered by the Magistrate in Esteperon. The Celebration begins today and will continue till the end of the month. Marcus and his family had a great reign here. Providing peace for its citizens, even when under constant barrage from the evils outside its gates. Now the citizens are experiencing a change in power. Magistrate Thornside will be crowned King on the last day of the celebrations. Many are expected to attend. Even with the Mist rising in the mountains, nothing could stop the party. Some claim that Arken is experiencing its End Times….bit im certain it has many more yet to be written. In fact, since the crowning of King Thornside the Moonlight Syndicate has been reforged, and a new group of heroes now protect the lands. Daring to go places others are too afraid to venture. Honor those new Syndicate members, they are…..Rajin, a Catfolk Monk. He is a direct descendant of the Moonlight Syndicate of old and has found out that Brag Goroth was his father. His combat skills and cunning fearless attitude make him a mighty member. Phoenix, a Gnome Kenecticist. His lands destroyed by a great volcano left him with powers that are very useful to the Syndicate. Nemo A human fighter that has learned about her past and when the moon rises she becomes ferocious and a great threat to any that stand in her way. Xaden, a halftroll human Cavalier. Ritcheous and a natural protector of good. His skills with his broadsword make him mighty and relentless in battle. Eldrich, a Gingerbread Witch. Known to be a great cook and light spoken. But dont doubt him for he will show his worth if challenged. Balljacks, a half orc half great cat rogue. Once general of Esteperons armies now a voted in member and proud of his station. Four seats remain and once they are filled beware evildoers for the Moonlight Syndicate cometh. Many years pass and tragedy has struck Esteperon with several leaders being assassinated. Magistrate Thornside was crowned and within just a few months was killed by an unknown assailant while walking the streets visiting the arena as he often did. Now a third soul Lanius has fallen it seems the lands will remain leaderless. The new Magistrate has vacated his status and now the rule falls to Dull Hammerfist until King Marcus’ grand daughter comes of age. Now only twelve is being groomed for the crown under Dulls rule. Adventure and Discovery is upon the horizon. The completion of the newest ship to Esteperons fleet The Regadera makes for much gossip in Dragoons. Talks of the south on many mouths. Balljacks has taken over the crown in Westpoint. Leaving the crazy king there as his steward while he visits Dull in his quarters to discuss lands to the south and hiring a crew to sail Regadera on her maiden voyage.

Arken Moonlight Syndicate

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